Immigration and Naturalisation Service for Great Britain and Canada - Immigration lawyer practicing U.K. migration and Canadian immigration law, e.g., U.K. work permits and permanent residence for Canada and employment services such as guidance on British and Canadian job-search and finding jobs in Great Britain or Canada. U.K. and Canada migration services include assisting skilled-workers and business-owners, including those seeking an investment visa, as well as those who wish to study in Britain or Canada on a student visa. Our British and Canadian immigration service visa site offers a free assessment for migration to Britain, Canada and Australia. Complimentary Assessment Offered.


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This site also features information and legal services on British visa and British immigration forms, permanent residence, family sponsorship, U.K. employment , work visa and relocation information. Information on skilled worker class, provincial nominee class, economic class, British Citizenship , U.K. Visa , immigrant visa, family class visa, family reunification, sponsored relatives. Information on Britain green card , work study tourist visa , self-employed migration, entrepreneur and investor migration, business immigration , business immigrants and business visa (s), settlement and work in UK, studying in UK, education in Britain, the British labor (labour) market, British economy, UK immigration Appeal. Refer to Profile About Us and Questions and Answers Section for more information.

In addition to Great Britain (U.K.), we also cover immigration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States (USA).